Autism Treatment in Dubai

What is Autism?

It is a developmental condition that affects children when they are young. It is a condition that is rising in children across the world. Going by its official name as it is known, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects the communication and social skills of a child, making it difficult for them to cope up and lead a normal life like their peers and bringing in a lot of emotional toll on their parents as a result. It leads to a challenging state of social insensitivity for both the children and the family likewise.

According to a survey, the rate of Autism is 1 in every 6. This is an alarming statistic and Dr. Arif particularly aims to combat this growing problem. His mission is to give the best autism treatments in Dubai and make sure that every autistic child can lead a normal and happy life like all other children.

What causes ASD?

ASD is primarily caused by various complex genetic and environmental factors that cannot be narrowed down to a few. However, most cases of ASD can be diagnosed as one of two types:

Primary ASD (idiopathic ASD): When there are no underlying factors identified to explain the development of ASD. 90% of the cases are said to be idiopathic. Certain genetic mutations can make a child more likely to develop ASD at birth or school age.

Secondary ASD: When an underlying medical condition or environmental factor is found to have increased the risk of ASD. These are rare cases occurring 10% of the time. Autism is also associated with other serious medical conditions like seizures,

Common signs and symptoms of autism

the symptoms of ASD can vary from person to person. Some common symptoms include:

Speech problems: late speech development, repeating words when speaking, responding in single words instead of sentences, refusing to respond to their name, etc. can be signs of autism.

Social difficulties: Refusing to hug parents and those close to them, avoiding playing with others, lack of facial expressions, and the ability to make common gestures.

learning difficulties: obsessively following a fixed routine, being interested in only a specific activity or subject, having very strong opinions on likes and dislikes in foods based on their color, texture, or taste.

How is autism treated?

As a Dubai-based autism doctor, Dr. Arif focuses on improving the lives of these children by three simple yet effective steps, Consultation, Diagnosis, and finally the most effective treatment-related services.

Step 1: Autism Diagnoses

He will get all the information about your child and set up every goal related to treating your child’s present condition before working to reach the goal via multidisciplinary approaches. Some of them include:

  • Social Skills Group-oriented therapy
  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • In select cases- Pharmacotherapy

Step 2: Consultation

The team at Neuropedia headed by Dr. Arif warmly embraces every autistic child and their parents with open arms, helping them alleviate the immense pressure they have faced until now. They understand you and  will help you to deal with these stressed times.


Step 3: Treatment

Dr. Arif has vast experience in dealing with Autism. His unique treatment approach has helped Neuropedia be prominently known not only for Autism related treatment but for effectively dealing with other types of Neuro-developmental disorders as well. 

He does everything needed to boost a child’s self-confidence in understanding and celebrating their uniqueness. 

For more information about our personalized treatment approach and methodologies, reach out to Neuropedia and meet the best pediatric neurologist and child psychiatrist in Dubai.