Epilepsy treatment in Dubai

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a brain condition that causes seizures in children. The brain is a conglomeration of neurons that form neural circuits. Seizures occur when the neural connections sporadically burst, and the brain cannot perceive and process those signals. The seizure may occur whenever an electro-neurological disconnection or interruption in normal brain processing occurs. It can be caused by a high fever, blood pressure, low blood sugar, alcohol, or drug abuse.

Epilepsy is very commonly diagnosed, affecting children and adults of all ages and races. Whenever epilepsy occurs among children more than twice unreasonably, Dr. Arif Khan, the most trusted epilepsy doctor in Dubai recommends seeking immediate consultation and treatment at Neuropedia.

What causes epilepsy in children?

A seizure can be caused due to :

  • An imbalance in nerve-signaling by neurotransmitters(body’s and brain’s chemical messenger)
  • Brain tumor
  • Stroke
  • Brain damage from illness or injury
  • Sudden imbalance in blood-sugar levels
  • Genetic influence
  • Prenatal-development issues
  • Brain injury
  • Brain disorder
  • Development disorders such as autism


A seizure may be caused by one or a combination of these causes. However, in most cases, the causes are not found. Some of the symptoms it manifests include:

  • Continuously staring at one thing
  • Jerking movements of limbs
  • Stiffening of muscles and body
  • Loss of Consciousness
  • Breathing problems
  • Loss of bladder control

However, the symptoms depend on the type of seizures.

How Is It diagnosed?

Dr. Arif will first ask about the child’s birth history, developmental history, and the exact description of the seizure. You will be questioned about certain factors that may cause seizures, such as:

  • Pre-term baby
  • Recent medications
  • Congenital disorders or
  • Brain injury due to certain conditions ( accident, high fever, tumor, etc.)

Further, to confirm the case, and before starting epilepsy treatment in kids, the doctor may ask for the following examinations:

  • Neurological tests
  • Blood test to examine blood sugar or other factors
  • Brain MRI
  • Electroencephalogram- to check the brain’s electrical activity.
  • Lumbar puncture-  to check intracranial pressure and check the cerebrospinal fluid (clear, colorless fluid in brain or spine)for infection.


Our center has all the expertise and equipment to diagnose and treat epilepsy. Epilepsy is usually treated with medicines, aiming to reduce the frequency of seizures with treatment. But sometimes, it is also treated with diet change or surgery. The doctor may see one or a combination of treatments to treat epilepsy and send referrals to neurosurgeons for surgery in select cases. A brief about the treatments are as follows: 

  • Medicine– The doctor will note the type of seizure and prescribe oral medications that include pills, capsules, tablets, or syrup. In some cases, IV or intravenous injections can be administered as treatment. However, the epilepsy medications may have side effects; therefore, they should be taken only with a prescription. If any side effects are noticed, then consult the epilepsy doctor in Dubai.
  • Vagal Nerve stimulation– VNS is electrical impulses sent to the brain to stop or control seizures. The electrical impulses are given through the vagus or the large nerve located on the side of the neck. The doctor surgically implants a small coin-sized device underneath the skin on the chest, which can be activated by a small external device. The VNS sends electrical impulses every few minutes to reduce the likelihood of seizures.
  • Ketogenic Diet – Ketogenic diet is an approach to epilepsy treatment. It is a fat-rich, protein-less, and carbohydrate-less diet that helps to reduce seizure episodes.
  • Surgery- The surgery can remove part of the brain where seizures occur. Surgery for epilepsy seizures is a complex procedure done by specialists.

What is Purple Day?

The purple day celebrated on 26th March annually is an internationally recognized epilepsy awareness day, dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy and dispelling its common myths, neurological fears, and social stigmas endured with the person who has epilepsy.

A Touching Note For Parents

According to our epilepsy doctor in Dubai, epilepsy children can lead a normal life. Parents can play a pivotal role by being their support system, helping them both morally and mentally. The parents must help epilepsy kids by:

  • Taking medications on time
  • Visiting epilepsy doctors in Dubai regularly for consultation for their kids.
  • Noticing their child’s behavioral changes, if any.
  • Sharing your child’s epilepsy condition with teachers so that they can help your child when in need.
  • Maintaining a healthy sleep hygiene.
  • Making sure that they are always confident and supporting them with their learning.

Neuropedia is a child-centric Neuroscience Institute that helps children with neurological and speech defects. So, leave your child’s epilepsy treatment in Dubai in our safe hands. And rest assured, we have the best dedicated professional team of doctors and experts working coherently to provide the best pediatric and neurological treatment for children in Dubai.