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Speech defects can be very harrowing for both the child and their parents. Dr. Arif Khan and his team of the best speech therapists in Dubai are dedicated to providing the best speech therapy for children. 

There are several reasons for speech delays, and one prominent reason is Autism. Autism is a developmental disorder typically diagnosed in two to five-year-old children. The symptoms include poor communication skills, speech delay, repetitive mannerisms and obsession with certain rituals.  However, apart from Autism, speech delays are also seen in

  • Neurological disorders, for example- cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, etc.
  • Lack of hearing stimulation
  • Hearing loss
  • Familial speech delay
  • Intellectual disabilities.
  • Tongue or oral impairment


Speech Delay in Children can prove to be a very emotional situation for their parents as they might get worried about their children’s social interactions and, ultimately, social/behavioral aspects. Dr. Arif Khan and his team of Best Speech Therapists in Dubai, prepare treatment plans based on 100% evidence-based diagnosis.

Speech Defects That Are Mitigated With Our Speech Therapy.

With our customized modules and speech therapy, we help children improve the following speech defects:

  • Speech defects from dyslexia, blabbering, and language delays
  • Difficulties in composing the sentence 
  • Feeding and swallowing disorders
  • Reading defects due to dyslexia
  • Dysarthria (Neurological Speech Disorders).
  • Orofacial Myology: Speech defect due to inappropriate jaw and teeth development, causing speech defects.
  • Voice impairments
  • Stuttering
  • Atypical Swallowing

Why Choose Us?

As a team of the best speech therapists in Dubai, we have achieved a delighted response to the success of our program. You can choose us for:


We offer flexible speech therapy packages that require sessions per your child’s needs. We are a highly developed and fully integrated center that provides the best treatment at optimal cost. 


Dr. Arif Khan and his speech therapy center in Dubai comprises a team of highly qualified and eminent consultants and speech therapists from all around the world. Dr. Khan and his team have conducted several programs and organized workshops/seminars oriented to speech delays and the importance of associated therapy sessions across the Gulf region.


With the growing years, Dr. Khan is motivated to expand his team and expertise to cater to the different needs of children. He says” We receive thousands of concerned parents every year who exit happily, which we believe is an immensely joyful and supreme achievement for our team”.

Uncompromisable better quality life of blooming buds

We understand how important your kid is to you; therefore, we use the best scientifically proven approaches, the best expertise, and highly adept measures to correct your child’s speech as well as other neurological deficits. 

Should you notice any signs of speech delay in your child, then reach out to our best speech therapist in Dubai immediately. Leave your child’s speech issues in our responsible and safe hands.