Sleep disorder treatment in Dubai

According to Dr. Arif Khan, most children who visit him for sleep disorder treatment in Dubai suffer from a variety of sleep disorders, and these include:

  • obstructive sleep apnea
  • Sleepwalking and sleep talking 
  • Confusions arousals 
  • Sleep nightmares
  • Insomnia (the most common presentation)
  • Delayed sleep disorder
  • Restless leg syndrome

With his specialist team of sleep therapists, Dr. Arif provides a comprehensive sleep therapy program that helps children regain sound sleep and thereby improve their daytime behavior which was affected due to sleep deficits.

Role of Accurate Diagnosis

Sleep disorders can interrupt a child’s day-to-day life, and reduce his/her cognitive abilities, social -skills, and happiness index, bringing overall behavioral changes. Therefore, Dr. Arif recommends that if a parent observes noticeable changes in their child’s sleeping pattern or behavioral changes, they must consult a pediatrician to seek immediate help.

He implements relevant diagnostic approaches and tools that help diagnose the exact sleep disorder, thus helping him design a customized treatment plan for the kid’s sleep disorder treatment in Dubai.

The in-detail diagnosis and evaluation are broken down into the following modules:

Preliminary interview of child and parents

At first, in a face-to-face interview round, Dr. Arif looks for answers for some specific questions to understand and ascertain whether the child suffers from a sleeping disorder. He may also ask about family circumstances, environmental stress, or academic stress factors that lead to sleeping disorders, medical background, and medication history.

Document submission and diagnostic tests

Dr. Arif may ask to submit a relevant medical history of the child and parent or ask for some diagnostic tests such as  ENT examination,  EEG, and Polysomnography to investigate the exact underlying cause for the sleeping problem.

Behavioral pattern check-

Typically, children suffering from one or a combination of above-described sleeping disorders also manifest behavioral changes, such as inattentiveness, agitation, rude behavior, poor cognition, etc. Therefore, if the child is 1-10  years old, the doctor may like to learn about behavioral patterns at school and at home. In adolescents, he may give a questionnaire or check their behavioral patterns in different environments.

With an accurate diagnosis, the following results are expected:

  • Presence of one or more sleeping disorders
  • The extent or severity of the disorder and its implication
  • Treatment plan

Treatment Methodology

Based on the diagnosis, Dr. Arif Khan tailors a treatment plan. The plan will include medications and therapies that aim to provide mental relaxation to children helping them recoup to a natural sleep cycle.

Apart from medication, the doctor will also incorporate sleep therapy sessions. In the sessions, he will teach lifestyle changes and relaxing methodologies to enhance sleep quality and eventually increase the number of sleep hours.

Here is what Dr. Arif Khan has to say about sleep disorder treatment in Dubai, ” Children and adolescents suffer lifestyle stress, exam stress and social competition that may alter their sleeping patterns and behavior. Our specialist team of sleep therapists treat sleep disorder effectively with adept methodologies and help your child retreat in normal sleep-cycle”.

The parents must focus on the following pointers to help their child overcome sleeping disorders.

  • Keep their family, social or psychological stress away from the child.
  • Spend time with your child.
  • Provide their medications and therapies on a timely basis.
  • Stay connected with your child’s sleep therapist until 100% results are achieved.
  • Develop a healthy and consistent sleep routine and habits
  • Keep screen usage to the minimum

Though very common, neglecting a child’s sleeping disorder may have unwanted consequences to a child’s life. So be vigilant and consult our best sleep therapist in Dubai if needed.