Pediatric Behaviour therapist Dubai

Pediatric Behavioral therapy is an umbrella term for different therapeutic methods used to treat psychological and neurological disorders in children. Kids with such disorders develop certain self-destructive or unhealthy behaviors, which, if not treated early, can lead to extreme social difficulties in adulthood. The idea is to change the habits developed in these kids through fun and active therapies.

The Neuropedia Institute was founded by Dr. Arif with a focus on child and adolescent mental health to provide a healthy future and joyful lives to our children. His team of Pediatric Behavioral Therapists strives to provide the best care and attention to children in Dubai. We provide family-centered care for children from birth up to adolescence in a very warm and friendly atmosphere. This specialized department is handled by professionals who focus only on enhancing the health of every single child.

Which Parents Should Opt For Pediatric Behavioral Therapy?

Some other conditions that can be addressed through such therapy include:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Phobias
  • Self-harming behavior


Dr. Arif and his team of behavioral therapists at Neuropedia provide excellent care to children with medical problems. They also help other specialist teams to provide family-centered complete child care with very complex medical problems.


Dr. Arif's Approach To Child Behavior Therapy

Dr. Arif leads an assortment of experienced staff dealing with Pediatric Behavioral Therapy and has robust multidisciplinary backgrounds. He works with dietitians, speech and language therapy-oriented services, and pharmacists dealing with pediatrics.

Diagnosis and treatment for behavioral therapy

Dr. Arif aims to include the parents in the process to ensure a holistic solution for improving a child’s behavior at home, in school, and in their community.

Upon diagnosis, a common therapy Dr. Arif prefers is cognitive-behavioral play therapy. Here, a team of therapists observes a child play various games and perform creative and analytical activities to understand the aspects they are poor at. Parents are also trained in utilizing play therapy to observe specific patterns in their child’s behavior at home. Finally, Dr. Arif and the team develop a custom treatment plan to boost the child’s confidence in specific behavioral aspects. Parents are expected to work with their behavior therapist in Dubai to bring the treatment plan to fruition in the long term.

There are various new and traditional therapies that our behavior therapist uses to tackle unique pediatric problems. At Neuropedia, Dr. Arif guarantees to provide a quality-driven service with a mission to ascertain affordable and reasonable access to all types of healthcare-oriented services that are focused on children and adolescents. He will do everything to protect and optimize the health of your child and ensure that your child leads a routine life like all their friends and peers in no time.