Headaches treatment for Children in Dubai


Headaches are very common complaints among children and are not usually serious compared to adults.

According to our child neuro consultant Dr.Arif Khan, children suffer three major types of headaches, namely:

Tension-Type  Headache:

 Tension results from the mental or emotional conflict that builds pressure in the brain’s neurons and trigger tension headaches in response. The tension headaches are usually mild to moderate, and doctors recommend practicing mindfulness and healthy habits to tackle tension headaches namely:


Migraines may start early in childhood. Research shows that nearly 1 in 5 teens have migraine headaches.  Often migraines is noted in the family history. And some girls may have migraines with their menstrual periods.

Cluster Headaches:

Clusters occur in cyclical patterns and last for several weeks or months. This series of headaches may recur every 1 to 2 years. These are much rarer than tension headaches or migraines, and more are prevalent in adolescent boys.

For offering an evidence-based headache treatment in Dubai, our child neuro specialist does one-on-one discussion with the child and parent, to understand the cause of the headaches and then recommends specific tests to rule out secondary causes of headaches which in turn helps the doctor plan treatment accordingly

What Causes Headaches In A Child?

Researchers indicate headaches arise from multiple causes. Typically, the root cause of headaches is tightening of scalp muscles and widening (dilation)of blood vessels in the head. However, the following conditions may trigger headaches among children.

Pressure to excel in academics

Children right from a very tender age develop an understanding of competition.  However, as they grow, they may feel bogged up and stressed to perform at par with the best students or their peers. The continuous passive stress in their young minds may trigger a series of headaches.

Dr. Arif Khan counsels parents to introduce the concept of healthy competition in children without pressuring their kids to excel in academics.


Rare, but a tumor formation in the brain may cause moderate to severe sharp pain in the brain. They may present with a number of red flag signs like vomiting, waking up at night with headaches, muscle weakness, and weight loss. If the doctor suspects a tumor, he may recommend a brain MRI for a detailed diagnosis.

Mental And Emotional Stress

Along with education stress, other stressors, such as peer pressures, family tensions, inappropriate physical development such as height, weight, speech defect, bullying by peers, etc. may build considerable mental and emotional stress among children, triggering episodes of frequent headaches among children. That is why Dr. Arif develops a  friendly and cordial atmosphere with the child to speak about existing stress.

Migraine with Aura

Stress from mental or emotional conflict can cause tension headaches. In comparison, migraine headaches may be caused by changes in brain chemicals or nerve signals. Many children complaining of severe headaches are diagnosed with migraine with aura; this can be diagnosed and treated. Therefore, one should seek advice from a neurologist at the earliest.

What Is a Migraine With Aura?

  • A migraine with aura is defined as a recurrent headache that starts and lasts 4 to 72 hours. It is usually experienced unilaterally, pulsatile in quality, and of moderate to severe severity. It is aggravated by routine physical activity.
  • Here are some pointers about migraine and their classification.

    • Migraine with aura (with or without a headache)-   is also called a classic migraine.
    • Migraine without Aura.
    • Hemiplegic migraine-  In this rare type, aura causes weakness on one side of your body (hemiplegia).
    • Ophthalmic migraine- You have vision changes in one eye before the migraine begins.
    • Vestibular migraines
    • Basilar migraines
    • Abdominal migraines

Sensory Symptoms

  • The aura usually begins over 5 to 20 minutes and lasts less than an hour. It can affect any of your senses. Symptoms include:

    • Blind spots or scotomas.
    • Partial vision loss in either one or both eyes.
    • Zigzag vision patterns
    • Seeing scintillating flashing lights 
    • Hallucinations, i.e., seeing, hearing, or smelling things that aren’t there. 
    • Paraesthesia: Prickling, tingling, or numbness 
    • Trouble finding words while speaking 

Dr. Arif recommends the following methods of migraine treatments for kids in Dubai.

  • Abortive medications are most effective when taken with the first sign. These medications prevent escalation of migraine and relieve symptoms such as throbbing pain, nausea, light sensitivity, etc.
  • Preventive (prophylactic) medications are prescribed for severe and frequent migraine instances, when they occur more than four times a month, significantly interfering with day-to-day lifestyle. Typically, these medications are taken regularly to prevent migraines.

Dr. Arif Khan is a pediatric neurology consultant and Director of Neuropedia. He specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions like autism, headache, child’s aberrant behavior, or speech defects. So, if you are seeking a doctor for headache treatments for kids in Dubai, consult Dr. Arif Khan for your child’s best treatment.