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In conversation with Dr. Iviano Ossuetta, Consultant Neonatologist and Director of Neonatal services for VPS , discussing the current Neonatal care in the region, what a level of NICU means for a parent, what are the common conditions that a neonatologist treats and more.
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Autism & Epilepsy - What you need to know.

A session live from Burjeel Hospital Dubai – On Gulf News Facebook page, where I share answers to some frequently asked questions about Autism and Epilepsy, essentially guiding & helping parents better understand and manage these conditions in their special ones.

Dr. Arif Khan About Neuropedia

Founding CEO and Medical Director, speaking about Neuropedia’s multidisciplinary team of professionals which brings interdisciplinary and collaborative neuroscience care involving child neurologists, child psychiatrists, psychologists, specialised nurses, physical therapists, behavioural therapists and other allied specialities.
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Ketogenic Diet for treating Epilepsy in Children

Dr. Arif Khan explains the use of the ketogenic diet in children with ‘difficult to treat Epilepsy. He also discusses the initiation, maintenance, and monitoring of ketogenic diet in these children.

Neuropedia | Corporate Video

Have a look at our corporate video. Neuropedia is the leading comprehensive Pediatric Neuroscience Center in Dubai. Neuropedia staff ensures and aims to provide expert care to children and helps them to reach their maximum potential.
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Interviewed by MedibizTV

Dr. Arif Khan, CEO and founder of Neuropedia being interviewed by MedibizTV for their ‘Meet the masters’ series. He opens up about his early education, the drive behind this initiative and discusses some of the common neurological conditions that we come across.