ADHD Treatment In Dubai

What is ADHD?

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a Neurodevelopmental disorder that affects a child’s attention skills, ability to concentrate, causes impulsive behavior.

Dr. Arif Khan is a well-known consultant pediatric neurologist who provides evidence-based ADHD treatment in Dubai.

How a child with ADHD thinks?

Children with ADHD may have difficulty focusing, understanding, planning, and regulating their emotions. For example, they may shriek in anger or freeze with a lack of confidence with unusual behavioral patterns.

ADHD affects a child’s cognition and obstructs thinking patterns resulting in behavioral change.

The child’s thinking patterns are often like:

  • Cloudy thinking
  • Difficulty remembering names, numbers, chronology, patterns, etc
  • Hyperactivity or overwhelming response
  • Confusion
  • Disconnection
  • Feeling out of control

Role Of Proper Diagnosis and Treatment In ADHD Training


Dr. Arif Khan stresses upon accurate diagnosis for initiating a tailored ADHD program or its remedial treatment. Dr. Arif’s approach to diagnosing ADHD is as follows:

  • Questionnaire– For ADHD diagnosis, Dr. Arif prepares a comprehensive questionnaire like Conner’s and Vanderbilt’s. These scales measure emotional fluctuations, mental stability, academic responsiveness, and social skills in children suspected of the disorder.
  • Comprehensive Behavioral Assessment diagnostic tools– With the help of child psychologists, a detailed behavioral assessment is carried out.
  • TOVA test: A brief computer-based screening test for attention and impulsivity.



  • Brain Training– Brain training is an intellectually stimulating or brain-boosting exercise. Dr. Arif Khan states that brain training exercises positively respond to the treatment. The child feels happy, empowered, motivated, and enjoys the learning experience. This helps enhance his/her communication, and in turn, helps to control and modify their behavioral presentation such as hyperactivity, anger, brain freeze, etc.


ABA-Therapy– Applied behavioral Analysis Therapy is an important and effective part of ADHD treatment protocol. It applies a technique that changes the functional behavior of ADHD children. It is broken down into discrete modules such as:

  • Differential reinforcement behavior– includes positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior, whereas no-response or punishment for bad behavior.
  • Discrete trial training and task analysis- This step includes breaking down complex behavior into simple reinforcement tests to seek desired outcomes one by one.
  • Self Management training-It includes self-praise methods and toolkits to calm the ADHD patient’s hyperactivity.


Pharmacotherapy: In select cases, the use of stimulant medications or non-stimulant options are indicated. Children have to be assessed and selected carefully, taking a number of factors into consideration.

Further, for children with other comorbidities such as speech delays and slow physical development, Dr. Arif offers a comprehensive and appropriate assessment and therapy with co-specialists of speech and language therapy, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists for the child’s holistic treatment.

A Note For Parents

  • Parents play a vital role in knocking out or reducing the severity of ADHD implications in children. Parents helping their children to overcome this disorder must take care of the following points:

    • If medications are used, then it should be done under the guidance of a trained physician.
    • Inform the school about your child’s ADHD condition.
    • Spend quality time with your kid and reward them for good behavior.
    • Remain associated with the doctor who would be by your side in helping you and your child overcome their ADHD symptoms.

    Dr. Arif Khan is a renowned consultant pediatric neurologist, founder, and director at Neuropedia. His utmost commitment and dedication towards child health bring him to a place where he enjoys helping children with various deficits such as  ADHD, Autism, speech, and behavior-related problems. So, if you’re looking for ADHD medication in Dubai, book an appointment with Dr. Khan and discuss one-on-one about your child’s problem.