Kids With ADHD Need Extra Support From Parents during COVID 19: Tips From Dr. Arif Khan

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a brain disorder that could result in hyperactivity among the children affected. Practicing preventive measures of COVID 19, like physical distancing and social isolation can lead to unforeseen changes that may worsen the symptoms of ADHD or lead to other mental health conditions like anxiety or depression in children.

These children can either be easily distracted, would have difficulty following instructions or would be restless, fidgets, and interrupt conversations and activities. Even the children without ADHD would require better attention, structure, and support to help negotiate these times. When coming to children who are affected by ADHD they would need extra care, support and structure to manage attention. By controlling these behavioral challenges, we can provide support to achieve their potential and carry on with their academic achievements.

Neuropedia, an autism clinic in Dubai and is the first highly specialised pediatric neuroscience center in the UAE. Dr. Arif Khan, an Imminent Pediatric Neurologist in UAE, and the founder and Director of Neuropedia suggests the following tips to help the kids stay organized. 

1.Communicate frequently to the child’s teacher as they have been jumping from school education to online education and now back to school education.

2.Provide a visually available structure, make a time table, and stick it up anywhere the child can see frequently.

3.Learning bursts or chunking which is an eight to ten-minute audio cast can be played for the children.

4. Make them do alternative activities like sketching or drawing for 20-30 minutes after every 45 minutes as the maximum attention span of a child is 45 minutes.

Children with ADHD need a little extra structure and support during these times and we as parents can provide that with a little understanding of their needs

While Practicing preventive measures, create a routine, and calm environment for the children.

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