Why do children with autism demonstrate unsocial behaviour?

Autism being a development disorder can affect the child’s behaviour and ability to communicate and interact. The unsocial behaviour in autistic children can be the result of sensory processing challenges faced by the kid or lack of communication or both.

Sensory processing and integration let our brain detect, prioritize, and remember things like external sensations from the environment around us, internal sensations from within our bodies, and interactive experiences with the people and objects we encounter. Differences in the way our brain has developed give us a unique set of filters through which we can process the sensations we experience. Sensory modulation alerts you to important information and helps you respond to dangerous situations quickly when functioning appropriately. Children with autism would not be able to detect these. This is very similar to us being exposed to a very noisy and distracted environment where it is hard to focus. Perhaps something is distracting the child who views the distraction in a more important light, or maybe they didn’t even notice the instructions given. The best way to find out is patience and willingness to communicate.

But, children with autism aren’t mostly great at communicating, be it verbal or verbal. If you don’t have a form of communication, verbal or non-verbal you will be frustrated. This makes them unable to connect and convey their needs. The frustration that results from this might come out as unsocial behaviour. Communication is the key to connect with the child; this could be via pictures, signs, languages, sounds or any other assistive technology. This might be difficult, especially if your child isn’t learning at a typical pace, and if you are not accustomed to interacting with autistic people. Some children develop good speech but can still have trouble knowing how to use language to communicate with other people. You can consider their sensory needs from touch & movement, smell, noises, taste and texture of foods or sight. We can provide a calm environment to reduce their intrusive stimuli as well. Try to use visual cues, and take time in doing so. Play games with them and engage them. 

Communication between people with and without autism is a two-way process. Be patient and take time connecting with your child. 

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